Finesse Gold Standard Small Batch Gin is special because it’s base alcohol is the Gold Standard Premium Vodka. That means it has a hint of natural sweetness derived from the grain, and like the Premium Vodka, it is distilled in our 100 Litre still. It uses 1.5x more botanicals and has a higher ABV% that retains more oils and flavor to make it the perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated cocktail, such as a Martini.

Finesse Gold Standard Premium Small Batch Vodka is Hand Crafted in our 100 Litre still. That means only around 100 bottles are produced every distilling run. It’s for people who like a little character and flavor in their Vodka. That’s because it derives its natural sweetness from the grain and has hints of Honey and Vanilla. It can be sipped on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail to add an extra dimension of flavor and excitement.